Privacy Policy

 We do not require any PII (personally identifiable information) to use SidePilot. If you enter PII to enable certain features we store it securely in app, and never transmit or sell it. We use anonymous analytics to improve the app.

The only Facebook code within the app is there to enable Live Streaming, which is disabled by default

There is no code or tracking from Google in the app.


We want to make it clear how we use your data because we appreciate your trust and handle your data carefully and sensibly. By using our services you accept this privacy policy.

No private information is required in order to use SidePilot. Reasonable private information is required when purchasing from the SidePilot Store.

What We Collect

If you enable Facebook Live streaming, we store your Facebook authentication token within the App only. This token is not your email or password, and it is never sent to us. You can read their privacy policy here.

If you enable internet based ADSB, your IP address is sent to and used for their analytics. You can read more on their privacy policy here.

When purchasing an item on the SidePilot store, we do collect the information required to send your item, such as name, address, phone and email. We do not store your payment details, that is done by PayPal, who's privacy policy can be found here.


SidePilot collects anonymous feature usage data, as well as any bug/error messages so that we can improve the application for you, the user.

This analytics data is not tied to any PII and as such cannot be used to identify you.

SidePilot collects nothing for, or related to, ads.

How Information is Used

We use the information we collect to operate and improve the website, app, and customer support.

We do not share personal information with outside parties.

How your data is used by Facebook or ADSBExchange when these features are used, can be found in their privacy policies, linked above.

When purchasing from the SidePilot store, your information is used to send your item via post. It is never sold or transmitted from the store database.

How We Protect Information

We implement numerous security measures to help keep your information secure. For instance, all communication with the app and website requires HTTPS with certificate pinning.

Furthermore, when analytics data is sent to our servers, your IP address and any other identifying information is stripped, ensuring your data is unidentifiable.

If you have an account on the SidePilot Store, your password is hashed, and stored in a secure database.

Your Rights

You may opt-out of sending Analytics data to us at anytime within the app on the Help & Settings page.

If you have an account on the SidePilot store, or have purchased and item from us, you may request your PII to be deleted by emailing us at [email protected]

Future Changes

We can and likely will update our privacy policy in the future. Visit this page to be aware of the policy you are agreeing to by using our services.