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The Solo GoPro Remote Controller - BLE (SGRC) plugs into the 3DR Solo accessory port, allowing you to control your GoPro camera using controller paddle or companion apps like SidePilot or Solex.

Compatible with the GoPro HERO5, 6, 7, 8*, 9*, 10* & Session 5 Cameras. *GoPro HERO8 and above requires the MediaMod for HDMI output to Solo.

User Manual Link

Installation Instructions:

  1. Turn on Solo and using either Solex, SidePilot or other GCS, set the SERIAL5_PROTOCOL parameter to 1 and SERIAL5_BAUD to 57.
  2. Turn off Solo and plug the Solo GoPro BLE Remote Controller into the Solo Accessory port.
  3. Turn on Solo & GoPro.
  4. On your GoPro go to 'Preferences -> Connections -> WiFi Band -> 2.4 GHz'.
  5. On your GoPro go to 'Preferences -> Connections -> Connect Device -> GoPro App'.
  6. Pairing will begin and the GoPro will pick up the SGRC automatically. When pairing, the red LED will flash fast (If not flashing fast or paired within 30 seconds, press the RST button on the SGRC.
  7. You are done! The red blinking light will turn solid when it has successfully connected to the camera. Use the controller paddle, SidePilot or Solex app to begin recording/take photos. SidePilot or Solex can be used to change camera modes between video and photo.

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Solo GoPro Remote Controller - BLE

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